The First Kissi Trip To Kenya
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Michael F. Kallon 2-28-2015 1:32 PM

Motto: “In Unity We Stand As Kissi People”

November 21, 2014

The Flag of Liberia

The Flag of Sierra Leone

The Flag of Guinea

It should be recalled that the Ebola epidemic has not only devastated the Kissi communities in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, but that the death toll keeps rising on a daily basis. It should also be recalled that the Kissi communities in those countries are the most impoverished, exceedingly poor, and underdeveloped. The past civil war that culminated into carnage resulted in the massacring of most of our people, especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It should be comprehended that our people are neglected by the governments of the three countries, with muddy, unpaved, and pot-holed roads and porous borders. As you can recall, the once crowded and bustling streets of the international markets of Foya in Liberia, Gueckedou in Guinea, and Koindu in Sierra Leone—those important towns that once stood in splendor—remained ghosts towns during and after the civil war in Liberia and in Sierra Leone.

Although our international market towns have struggled to regain their economic prominence, poverty, disease, and death have contributed to the early demise of our people. One ought to note that our Kissi areas don’t have clinics that could help our young women who continue to die miserably in childbirth.

Yet, we have all come abroad to not only to disrespect each other, but to show a blind hatred that has abused our human comprehension and has ravenously consumed the nostalgic feelings and patriotism we should have shown to our poor, hungry, and abandoned Kissi people in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Instead of all of us trying to propagate such nostalgic feelings towards our people, by all of us coming together to seek better avenues to help them live happily in poverty, we have ravenously cannibalized our ethnic unity and have indulged in unnecessary revamping of assiduous hatred for each other. This has created an igneous discord that has divided the Kissi communities abroad and has left our abandoned Kissi people not only in abject poverty, but sold as baits of genocide in the hands of the civil wars and the Ebola pandemic. We have never sat down to iron out our differences amicably, but have boastfully embraced such quixotic presumption of guilt, and have formed uncountable Kissi organizations around the world. We have been unable to come together to sit at a table of brotherhood, to find ways to help our abandoned Kissi people we left suffering behind on the west coast of Africa.

Furthermore, our greedy ambitions have left us to be influenced by ideological predilections which have incredulously ravaged every ounce of love and unity we should have shown to each other as Kissi people. The hatred we have shown in our hearts for each other has ravenously consumed any prospects of our ethnic unity which would have shown the Kissi universalism in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

As a result of our disunity, we have pushed our Kissi people to be consumed unprotected against famine, epidemics, and against epistemological diseases like Ebola, and maybe terrorism in the future. Our disunity has abused the spirit of common sense which is more human and in closer contact with reality. We have subjected our Kissi people to be governed and abused by rotted political administrations in those countries that have not helped our people, but have indulged in making myopic decisions that have left the Kissi area with unpaved roads, no clean or pipe-borne water, and, as stated earlier, many of our young mothers have died pathetically in childbirth in the absence of clinics. We have engaged in promoting ideologies that have carved communities that have only boasted of a prodigious ethnic hatred, or due to biological procreation.

It is with the above in mind that the First International Kissi Conference, that will be held in Philadelphia in 2015, will be the first test of a symbolic step that could help all of us to start planning concrete problem solving policies that address viable ways to help to heal our Kissi disunity, and to cure the igneous patterns that have blinded our senses to see reality and to seek any light that could shine in the Kissi communities in those countries. The First International Kissi Conference will help all embrace each other for the love of the unity of the Kissi and to dismantle all blinded and evil mindsets that have predisposed our hateful ways which has not helped any positive, political, educational, infrastructural, and human development in the Kissi communities in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. The First International Kissi Conference will help us come together and to show the capacity that could encourage us to undertake viable programs to uplift the political, human, and economic standards of all Kissi communities in those three countries.

To conclude, every Kissi man and woman should agree with me that the process of perception therefore links an ethnic people to their environment, which is also critical to accurately help us understand the world around us. Therefore, as Kissi people, this should help us to comprehend and embrace our human consciousness that would stir our senses and resolve to engage in doing greater things for the common good of all Kissi communities in those countries. As people of culture, we should turn a new page while using a keen sense of accurate perception that would invite our human intelligence to help us see our weaknesses and the pitfalls that led to our biased misconceptions, and thus have pushed the human love we should have shown to our Kissi people to be consumed by neglect and pushed to decadence.

The First International Kissi Conference will help all of us cultivate the potency of a new beginning and with dauntless enthusiasm to find ways to feed, clothe, and protect our hungry Kissi people on the west coast of Africa, and to rebuild our long lost Kissi unity in the world. This conference is not debarring any Kissi group or club from promoting its functions, but attendance to this very important occasion is mandatory, because it will help your recognition in the world.
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Michael Fayia Kallon
E-mail – Cell phone – 347 721 5078

Bockarie Fallah 3-24-2015 04:40 AM
This is a very suggestion. If the Kissi can moved together we can live a better and peace life for century.
Michael Fayia Kallon 3-30-2015 5:15 PM

Thanks for your compliments.

Michael Fayia Kallon 3-30-2015 5:23 PM

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