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Michael Fayia Kallon 1-22-2017 09:49 AM
An interesting aspect just came to mind about how the Kissi warriors traveled such long distances like from nowadays Koindu, to help fight Guinean mercenaries who came to constantly bother the Lorma and Gbandi in distant places like Kolahun, Bolahun, Voinjama, etc; in Liberia; as Samory Toure’s guerilla war with the French colonial army intensified in Guinea. My mother Madam Finda Nyon Foryoh – Kallon, informed me that the Kissi had no horses, and so, at first, they traveled long distances on foot to fight Samory Toure’s mercenaries who had horses, and when they were ambushed and defeated, they captured many of their horses and brought them to Kissi land.
Furthermore, the captured and fatigued mercenaries were never killed, but they were allowed to return to Samory with a couple riding on a single horse. Now came the problem of how to feed the horses by the Kissi warriors? The Kissi never knew how to maintain them, and a few captured mercenaries were brought to Kissi land to train the warriors on how to ride and feed them. The white horses were used by the chiefs and legendary warriors while the colored were used by others, for transportation, and for other means. Another aspect worth mentioning is that Kissi land had abundant livestock, and the many cows, pigs, goats and sheep, etc; roamed freely in, and on the outskirts of the villages.
The warriors in Kissi Teng then distributed horses to all chiefs in areas that now became known as Kissi Kama, and Kissi Tongi, and as far as to Kailahun. Kai Londo too was in contact with Gbekah Kondo and his fearsome band of Kissi warriors, and he was also able to get his share of horse from his many battles in Guinea, and he also protected Vahun, a small Mende settlement in Liberia. The Kissi warriors could now be considered superb and undefeated guerrilla fighters who mastered the rudiments of warfare even in thick brushes.

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