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Michael Fayia Kallon 9-9-2013 09:18 AM



It is with pleasure that I announce a new chat room to be called "KISSI BENDU CHAT." Discussions on the chat room will focus on how to develop the Kissi Bendu area, and also other underdeveloped areas in Sierra Leone, in Liberia, and in Guinea; and on building unity not only among the Kissi, but with our neighbors living along the shores of the Makona River.

We should also discuss how to help our kinsmen, and kinswomen in need - in Sierra Leone, and abroad - on human interest stories, on book publication; on world issues, and more.

Also, Makona Book Club, INC. will be opening an office in Koindu to help distribute educational materials in schools in the Kissi areas in those three countries. The same will be extended to other areas in the countries mentioned above.

Donations will be requested in the future - all efforts, and proceeds, will go towards the Kissi Bendu Development Project.

This is an invitation extended to all sons, and daughters of Kissi Bendu, in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and in Guinea, to join us to start discussing on how to develop the Kissi Bendu area.

I would like to inform you that Kissi Bendu - Sierra Leone, has been blessed with solar lights installed in Koindu, and other chiefdom towns will soon get them. It is time that we have to come together to do more to improve our once great Kissi Empire.

I have started the fight for the Kissi Bendu Local Council, and also Kissi Bendu District, in Sierra Leone. The APC Government has seen how Kissi Bendu is underdeveloped, and is ready to work to improve the area, and to alleviate the sufferings of our people; with special praises for Dr. Sylvia Blyden, who is Special Assistant to President Ernest Koroma.

We have to come up with a single voice in this fight.

Membership for the chat room is free, by going to Kissi Bendu Chat - to write your views/opinions in a civilized manner.

Stay blessed, and enjoy life to the fullest…

Michael Fayia Kallon

Email –

CEO/Makona Book Club, INC.,

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Cell: 347 721 5078

Michael Fayia kallon 9-9-2013 12:18 PM

The former Kailahun District Chairman, Augustine Nyuma Kortu, who hails from Kissi Kama, has been announced as Deputy Minister of Labour & Social Security. He is a trained accountant. He is a product of the Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kenema, Sierra Leone. It is the first step in a good direction for the APC for Kissi Bendu in Sierra Leone.

Furthermore, we are still expecting more from the APC especially a clinic, road improvement, Kissi Bendu Local Council, a district, and more.

Bravo APC!!!!

Michael Fayia Kallon

Tamba Sylverster Yondah 9-9-2013 12:34 PM
Thanks to the APC government and thanks to President Koroma. I thank all my KISSI brothers and sisters for their positive contribution toward KISSI BENDU DEVELOPMENT. We should NEVER give up and we should always appreciate whatever little is given to us. Congratulation my dear brother – Augustine Nyuma Kortu, now that God’s favor is upon you. You must never forget our dark days in our struggle to achieve education. You must remember our brothers and sisters who go to school without clothes on their back or shoes on their feet. They go to bed on empty stomach.

Our school day was a struggle for survival. We must all work together to destroy poverty and ignorance in Kissi Bendu. I call upon all my Kissi brothers and sisters for us to start a hospital project in one of the district head quarters. Think about it, we have the best Kissi doctors and Nurses in the world not to mention other qualification in various fields, yet we blame the government for not doing much for us. IT IS TIME FOR US TO WAKE UP.

I read in the Awareness Times yesterday how a Kissi boy by the name of Tamba Sheku Lamin born in a tiny village called Dambo is stimulating educational salvation for Sierra Leone, through affordable computers using solar panel. LET THE WIND OF CHANGE BLOW TOWARD KISSI BENDU. GOD BLESS YOU.

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Tamba George Foryoh 9-9-2013 1:56 PM
2322 139Ave
Edmonton, AB T5Y 1R7
Canada....Ph. 780 756 4628

Attn: Dr. Silvia Blyden
Special Executive Assistant to President Ernest B. Koroma
Republic OF Sierra Leone

First of all, my name is TAMBA GEORGE FORYOH, and MICHAEL FAYIA KALLON, is my younger brother who lived with me before, and proved to be an individual of a great future, and full of academic potential. He will tell you more about me, the Foryoh family from Koindu, and the rest of the KISSI BENDU LAND in general. I want to thank Michael for the greatest efforts that he is making towards the KISSI BENDU LAND development issues, and also the kind gesture he exemplifies to our considerate and hard working and Godly-imaged Government headed by His Excellency Dr. Koroma.

On behalf of the three Kissi Chiefdoms: Kissi Kama, Kissi Teng, and Kissi Tongi, my family here in Canada, the entire KISSI ethnic community, and to all sons, and daughters, of KISSI BENDU, throughout the entire globe, I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Blyden for her love, patriotic and humanitarian gesture that she continuously show to us, and the entire nation of Sierra Leone.

Lastly and most important, On behalf of my immediate family in Canada and the US and the entire KISSI people both in AFRICA AND ABROAD, I express my deepest sorrow and condolences to our head of state Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, and his family for the death of his mother, who recently passed away....In Jesus Name; and may the blessings of the God Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, be on our President, and his cabinet, and on Dr. Blyden as she genuinely continues her God-sized projects for the KISSI BENDU LAND, and on the rest of the Sierra Leonean people in Sierra Leone, and abroad.

In Jesus Name Amen…

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to us all...

Yours in Christ
Tamba George Foryoh

Michael Fayia Kallon, 10-31-2013 6:48 PM


Every son and daughter from Kissi Bendu, Sierra Leone should join with me to establish to the Kissi Bendu Teachers’ Union- (KBTU). The union will help teachers in the Kissi Bendu-Makona region with economic, and viable assistance, and to thank them for a hectic job done in the Kissi Bendu Schools in Sierra Leone.
Many of us can still remember our old teachers: Folleh, Tamba, Solo, J.G. Nyuma, and others. We should try to keep the memories of our teachers who have died and are long gone. Assistance could be in the form of helping their sons and daughters- families, with basic needs like books, pens, and pencils, uniforms, some cash, and even scholarships.
Email- with your contributions, and suggestions, because I am in the organizational stage, and help will be needed.

Teacher Commits Suicide in Dia
Kissi Kama Chiefdom
Saffa Moriba
Kenema – Sierra Leone

Date: Aug 21, 2009

Two years without salary… Teacher commits suicide
Tamba Borbor, a teacher of the Roman Catholic Primary School in Dia town, in the Kissi Kama Chiefdom, Kailahun District who did not receive his salary for two years, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.
His body was found dangling from the branch of a tree at a cocoa plantation by a number of men on their way to work at a nearby swamp.
Villagers said he wrapped the sleeve of his shirt around his neck and tied it unto a tree not far from the village.
Sources stated that Tamba Borbor was going through very hard times as authorities had allegedly tricked him by telling him that his name was not on the payment voucher but at the Boejema Primary School near the Guinea border.
He is said to have taken a loan from people in the village to fund his trip to the school only to learn that his name was not on their payroll.
He returned to Kailahun District on Thursday last week and expressed frustration and disappointment.
He also blamed the Catholic Mission school authorities for failing to give him the necessary support to recover his money which was allegedly being enjoyed by some other people.
A number of people in the village, including the town chief, have reported the matter to the Koindu police station. The town chief, head teacher of the school, and the youth leader are under police custody helping them with investigation.
The corpse has since been buried.

Go to Kissi Bendu chat – and post your suggestions under Kissi Bendu Teachers’ Union (KBTU)
Michael Fayia Kallon
Makona Book Club, INC

Michael F. Kallon 3-26-2014 4:59 PM


2115 Alfred Drive
Apartment – E
Yeadon, Pennsylvania 19050
United States of America
Email address:

March 24, 2014

H. E. Ernest B. Koroma
State House, Freetown
Republic of Sierra Leone

Re: A Petition for Kissi Bendu District in Sierra Leone

Your Excellency,

I would like to bring to your attention the cries, molestation, and biased political system that the Kissi in the northeast of Sierra Leone have been forced to endure since independence. The three Kissi chiefdoms, Kissi Teng, Kissi Kama, and Kissi Tongi, lie in a fertile land near the Guinean and Liberian borders. The area is an international trading spot and agricultural oasis, and in the good old days, they supplied Freetown with edibles like yams, rice, plantains, bananas, and cash crops such as cacao, coffee, and more.

Your Excellency, you were aware of the Guinean invasion and their encroachment on Kissi land in the Yenga area, and the uncountable shuttle diplomacies the incursion caused both the SLPP and the APC governments to regain Yenga. It is in the same respect that I am reporting to your good office that the Guinean contingent molested and also assaulted the poor Kissi farmers, and as well as other ordinary Kissi men and women; in their bid to take Yenga by overwhelming military force, the Kissi were forced to abandoned laying farms in the area since 1998.

Your Excellency, we would also like to thank your government, the APC, the SLPP, and the government of President Alpha Conde of Guinea, for the humane approach all governments have taken to resolve the Yenga land issue with superior political maturity, after exhausting myriad shuttle diplomacies between the two countries. Today, the Kissi in the Yenga area have started laying farms, and food will soon be in abundance, and be supplied all over Sierra Leone. The two countries—Guinea and Sierra Leone—have the same political landscape, the same cultures, and the same tribes that have settled along their borders. Political instability was the least that anyone could pray for between these countries since all of us have families living in both countries. We would like to thank the APC government for its superb and ebullient diplomacy to resolve the Yenga issue.

Your Excellency, the history of the Kissi is the history of the APC and the history of the SLPP. With that in mind, I would like to draw your attention to 1968 when Sierra Leone was engulfed in a messy political crisis. The late Siaka P. Stevens escaped the topsy-turvy in Freetown and traveled as far as Koindu to his friend, my uncle, the late Kissi Chief Sahr Foryoh. President Stevens stayed in Koindu for over a week, and then escaped to Guinea, through Yenga where the late President Sekou Touré assisted. President Siaka Stevens returned to Freetown where he was declared the winner of the presidential election that year when the APC was born in Sierra Leone. S.I. Koroma, if he were alive today, would tell you about the many times he drove from Koindu to Freetown as a common driver. He was known to many Kissi and other drivers in the Kailahun District. The Kissi sent Hon. Tamba E. Juana through the Ganawah ruling family in Kangama, Kissi Teng; to represent them in Parliament and created Kissi Kama, Kissi Tongi, and Kissi Teng—today called Kissi Bendu.

Your Excellency, although the people of the Kissi Bendu area have voted for governments in Sierra Leone for decades, it still remains one of the most impoverished and underdeveloped areas, with no clinics, no hospitals, and no paved roads. Our school-age children sit on cold, hard floors in tents, festooned with palm branches, called schools, with no sports equipment. Our young and pregnant women die in childbirth or from illnesses that could be cured today. Yet the Kissi are also mindful of the sons and daughters of other tribes that were born and raised in the Kissi Bendu area, whose forebears were heartily welcomed in Kissi land with opened arms, and we have considered them all our kinsmen and kinswomen.

Your Excellency, I would like to present to your good office the names of a few Kissi sons and daughters from the Kissi Bendu area in Sierra Leone, who can be considered for government of any positions in the APC or in any government on our great country:

Dr. GMT Robert – Chemistry (Njala Campus, Bo Town)
Dr. Sahr Robert – Medical (Columbus, Ohio USA)
Dr. Jonathan Tengbeh – Engineering (London, UK)
Dr. Paul Tengbeh – Geography (FBC, Sierra Leone)
Dr. Michael Tengbeh – Not sure (Germany)
Dr. George Tengbeh – Geography (Zimbabwe)
Dr. Sahr Sellu – Medical (Military, Sierra Leone)
Dr. Sahr Gevao – Medical (School of Medicine, Sierra Leone)
Dr. Malvin Gevao – Engineering (Njala University, Sierra Leone)
Dr. Bondi Gevao – Chemistry (Kuwait)
Dr. Bernald Tamba Lebbie – Medical (Australia)
Dr. Andrew Weima – Engineering/Physics (Columbus, Ohio USA)
Dr. Matthew Gboku – Agricultural Economist (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
Dr. Alfred Saffa - Chemistry (Canada)
Dr. Sakila Nyuma Bondi (New York City/USA)
Mr. Michael Fayia Kallon – Masters in Public Administration (MPA)
PhD Candidate, Criminal Justice/Public Safety
Mr. Saah James – Degree in Community Welfare/Social
Development (Australia)
Mr. Victor Sahr Kpayah – Degree in Economics/ Public Policy (Australia)
Hon. Francis D. Tengbeh – Agricultural Development Officer (Freetown, Sierra)
Hon. Sahr Kpulun (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
Hon. Sahr Ngaingah (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
Mr. Tamba George Foryoh – Lab Technician (Canada)
Mr. Tommy Tengbeh (Koindu, Sierra Leone)
Mr. Sylvester Tamba Yonda (London, UK)
Ms. Sia Jeneh Mamie Kallon (nurse, New York, USA)
Ms. Rose Marie Tamba (RN-Nurse, Chicago, (USA)
Ms. Dukay Sia Ndoinjeh – RN-Nurse (Australia)
Ms. Agnes Sia Tommy (RN-Nurse, Australia) and more….

Your Excellency, your nomination of Hon. Nyuma Kortu, the first Kissi man from Kissi-Kama, to serve as Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Studies in your government demonstrates the legitimacy of our existence as people of resolve who appreciate kindness. You have demonstrated your love for the Kissi by your interest in helping to develop chiefdoms in the country that has long being neglected politically and economically.

Your Excellency, history taught us that the Kissi land stretched from Yenga on the Guinean-Makona River border area and the Baeldu-Mendekorma border with Liberia as far as to Pedembu. The famous and fearsome warrior, Kai Londu, was a Mende/Kissi man. With such great men and great women as our forebears in the historic annals of our great country—Sierra Leone—the question that comes to anyone’s mind is why can’t the Kissi Bendu area be upgraded to the KISSI BENDU DISTRICT? It means that we have remained subjected to the Mende-dominated Kailahun District, and thus we have been abandoned and completely forgotten in a country that all of us call a nation (Sierra Leone).

Your Excellency, as reported from the Awareness Times newspaper in Sierra Leone, Honorable Minister of Energy & Power Oluniyi Robbin-Coker informed the newspaper that he was instructed by you, President Koroma, to ensure that some of the solar lights, slated for ongoing installation in district headquarter towns, should be installed in Koindu town on the road to Yenga. Although Koindu in the Kissi Teng chiefdom is not a district headquarter town, the residents are amongst the most deprived in the country, having suffered the brunt of the civil war in addition to now-ended years of occupation of their farmlands within and around Yenga by Guinean troops. Koindu used to be a thriving market town that served Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Your Excellency, it is now widely known that as Sierra Leone’s head of state, you hold the fullest revival of the formerly booming Koindu market town in the Kissi area as something close to your heart. Awareness Times further reported that the plan was to have the central roundabout and parts of Koindu town to become brightly lit in the night with solar powered street lights, especially on the road known as Guinea Road which leads into the now liberated Yenga and to all chiefdom headquarters in Kissi Bendu.

Your Excellency, we hope that our ambition of a KISSI BENDU DISTRICT with headquarters in Koindu can become a dream come true. The Kissi will be launching a delegation to the State House in Freetown to make this request official.

Long live our unity in Sierra Leone!


Michael Fayia Kallon

Sahr Yillia 5-4-2016 1:39 PM
dear brothers and Sisters,

having gone through all the contributions from colleagues across the continent about our one and only kissi-bendu Kingdom, let me also use this time to add my voice and perspective to the entire debates towards our quest for developments.

well as a member of the Yillia family from weima, our family has also produced sons and daughters in various professions that we can probably add on our list of successful kissi-bendu sons and daughters as I read the list of others on this platform. For instance, we now have Dr. Paul T. Yillia in austria who is now a professor in one of the sciences, Doctor John F. Yillia now District Medical Officer for Tonkolili District, Peter F. Yillia Head of the math department Prince of wales Secondary school, emmanual sahr Kuteh/yillia, IT Lectural Milton margai College of education and technology, myself here in London UK as award winner from India in Community and Enterprise developments plus many of our other Yillia brothers and sisters serving in various capacities home and abroad.

Chatting the way forward, I remain convinced that as sons and daughters of this grate Kingdom, we can collectively foster sustainable developments to our beloved kissi-Bendu Kingdom with all these gifted talents regardless of where we are in the world.
In this regard, I am glad to inform you all that I have so far been able to reach some potential investors who are willing to give some investment grants and loans in line with my Enterprise development initiative for the reactivation of Koindu again making use of our abundant rich vast empty acres of land and other natural resources including the water fall etc in our Kingdom to tackle the increasing unemployment and extreme poverty.

I was planning to set up a separate project for this purpose but if the kissi-Bendu development Project is something legally registered under the laws of Sierra Leone then there is no need of setting up something separate again as this is where our unity should start.
as a matter of fact, this is the time for the consolidation of unity rather than separation amongst us.

On this note, i will appreciate having you all on board this discussions and plans especially with the potential investors who are having their offices and branches in canada, singapore and australia where I believe some of our brothers residing in the above mentioned countries could represent us in the discussions as a way of decentralising our collective efforts for this single cause.
also, my suggestion is for us to get a good radio station in Koindu which we can use to get our messages across because information is power as we have many of our brothers and sisters with skills in that area including myself here as am planning to permanently relocate to Koindu from here in working with the team towards these planned development initiatives.

For sure, combining all previous and current developmental initiative will surely see us through with our quest for sustainable development in our beloved Kingdom.
On this note, I will appreciate your response or communication through this platform or you can please reach me on, Whatsapp, Viber, IMO on +44 796 035 0590, skype: advocate66 and facebook any time, day or night as I will respond on time.
Long live the sons and daughters of our beloved kissi Kingdom and may the departed souls of our ancestors rest in perfect peace especially those who lost their lives during the recently ended deadly Ebola crisis
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