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Michael Fayia Kallon 1-8-2013 1:14 PM


It is with pleasure that I announce a new chat room to be called "KISSI BENDU CHAT." Discussions on the chat room will focus on how to develop the Kissi Bendu area, and also other underdeveloped areas in Sierra Leone,in Liberia, and in Guinea; and on building unity not only among the Kissi, but with our neighbors living along the shores of the Makona River. We should also discuss on how to help our kinsmen, and kinswomen in need - in Africa, and abroad - on human interest stories, on book publication; on world issues, and more.

Also, Makona Book Club, INC., will be opening an office in Koindu, soon, to help distribute educational materials in schools in the Kissi areas in those three countries. The same will be extended to other areas in the countries mentioned above. Donations will be requested in the future - all efforts, and proceeds, will go towards the Kissi Bendu Development Project.

If interested, join me in shaping our once great Kissi Bendu Empire along the shores of the Makona River.

Membership for the chat room is free, by going to Kissi Bendu Chat - to write your views/opinions in a civilized manner.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have a very prosperous New Year..

Michael Fayia Kallon
CEO/Makona Book Club, INC.,
Cell: 347 721 5078

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