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Michael Fayia Kallon 5-18-2015 9:19 PM
Reminder for Creation of Kissi Bendu District

A Front Page Op-Ed by Michael Fayia Kallon - ; (United States of America)

I once again want to bring to the fore, the cries, molestation, and biased political system that the Kissi in the northeast of Sierra Leone have been forced to endure for so long. All the three Kissi chiefdoms; Kissi Teng, Kissi Kama, and Kissi Tongi, lie in a fertile land area near Guinean and Liberian borders. It has agricultural potential but remains impoverished and underdeveloped, with no clinics, no hospitals, and no paved roads. Our children sit on cold, hard floors in tents, festooned with palm fronds, that they call schools but with no sports equipment or library. Our young and pregnant women regularly die in childbirth or from illnesses curable elsewhere.

Our remote area has remained subjected under control of Kailahun District and thus we have been abandoned and completely forgotten by rest of Sierra Leone. Few care about us!

If Kissi Bendu was a district, we would have a District Hospital and better health surveillance. This means Ebola outbreak which killed many Kissi folks, totally un-noticed, between February 2014 until Dr. Blyden raised an alarm on 24th May 2014; might have been picked up earlier!

Why cannot Kissi Bendu area be upgraded to a district with a dedicated share of all national development and social welfare allocations? As we speak of post-Ebola recovery, new health strategy and as we say NEVER AGAIN should it happen, we should really mean it and one way is by creating Kissi Bendu district. This will not be Altruism but Sensible - very sensible!
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