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Solveig.Kranzmann 6-21-2015 4:30 PM
Dear Mr. Kallon,

Iím an anthropology student and for my bachelor thesis Iíve picked the question ĄHow describe affected, survivors and relatives of the ethnic group of the Kissi their experience of the disease Ebola in the context of the epidemic disaster?ď. Iíve picked the Kissi as example because Iíve read that they were the first people affected. Iíve also read that Ebola was for quite a time assumed to be an Ąethnic diseaseď that was strictly restricted to this particular ethnie:
ĄThe Kissi ethnic group forms a majority in Forest Guinea. It is also the most affected ethnic group from the disease in July 2014, split between Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea forest. According to rumours, the epidemic is ethnicised. When community leaders were invited by those managing the interventions to seek their involvement, Guerzť, Toma, the Malinke and Sousou citizens did not attend the meeting on the grounds that "Ebola is a problem of the Kissi.ďď (Anoko 2014: Communication with rebellious communities during an outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea: an anthropological approach)
Iíve wondered if this was only due the fact that there hadnít been many cases among non-Kissi or if the Kissi are somehow stigmatized? To this date I couldnít find an answer in the academic works Iíve read, which is scarce anyway, but Iíve found your website. Do you know anything about that? Are there maybe websites of newspapers which I havenít found yet?
Thank you very much for your help!


Solveig Kranzmann



Dear. Kranzmann,

I read your thoughtful words on the plight of the Kissi who live in the middle of the three countries: Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, along the Makona River, on the west coast of Africa. The areas the Kissi live have been ravaged by the Ebola virus, and that resulted to the uncountable demise of our kinsmen.

I helped the New York Times put a few pieces together, and I would suggest if you could read them first, and then decide what your next step will be.

Here is the link to the piece -

Sir, you can also go to my website -, and read more on the Kissi / Chat with author or Kissi Bendu Chat...

Hope this could help in your studies.
Michael F. Kallon

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