The First Kissi Trip To Kenya
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mary basweti 7-22-2011 06:24 AM
Hello Mr.Kallon,

I am a Kisii from Kenya. I have heard many theories regarding the relationship between the Kissi of W.Africa and the Kisii of Kenya. I am very keen to know whether we we are really connected, ie, language, culture, etc, etc.

Thanks + Regards,
Basweti 8-15-2011 00:23 AM
Hi Basweti,

I have not actually chatted with a Kissi man or woman from Kenya. I hope that we can start doing that. My home phone number is:
718 318 5654.

My website is:
I live in New York City/ USA
Michael Fayia Kallon
Mary 1-27-2013 9:01 PM

Hi Mary,

I am planning a trip to visit the Kisii tribe in Kenya. I will be going with some Kissi men, and women, from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia on the west coast of Africa. We will go to the Kisii kingdom in that country. I will keep you informed about the trip too.

Stay blessed and enjoy your New Year...

Michael Fayia Kallon
Michael Fayia kallon 3-17-2013 09:59 AM
Hi Michael,
Trust all's well. I am so excited at the prospect of your planned visit to Kenya and look forward to meet you then. I live in the City of Nairobi, but would be more than happy to accompany your Team to Kisii, my place of birth. Please let know your itinerary in advance for planning purposes.

You can also reach me on my cell: +254 705 482 686.

Kind regards and stay blessed,

Mary 3-25-2013 5:21 PM

Hi Mary,

I am also excited about the trip. You will be informed about it.

Evans Omweri 4-4-2013 1:50 PM
Hi Fayia.Am a Kenyan from the kisii tribe.i was chatting with a friend today and in the course of our talk he told me about the kissi in west africa.i was so excited .i eventually googled till i got your address.i would really love to know more about my brothers in west africa.kindly update me on your trip to Kenya.good day my brother.
Evans 4-9-2013 6:53 PM
My brother,

You can read more about the Kissi at my website. I am planning the trip, and you will surely be informed about it. The delegation will be large and we will be in the Kissi chiefdom in Kenya for a few days.
Davis Makori 5-4-2016 04:25 AM
So we have our brothers in West Africa?
That is so interesting and fascinating at the same time.I would truly love to have a fellow (Kissi) brother and sister for a whatsapp group.Let's see if we have any commonalities ...if interested,whatsapp me on +254719123409
Tonda Ogechi Augustine       0796264507 7-19-2017 02:30 AM
hae Micheal augustine a kisii from kenya.i am totaly happy to hear u planning a trip to kisii kenya.u are welcomed .
Tonda Ogechi Augustine       2404690890 8-17-2017 8:47 PM

Yes my brother,

But we have to make arrangements first.
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