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Syra Cole 6-12-2015 08:06 AM
Could any one please tell me the naming and meaning of the three Kissi chiefdoms and how, where the name derived including Kissi Benu?

I wold appreciate greatly.
Michael F. Kallon 6-21-2015 5:24 PM
Dear Syra,

The three Kissi Chiefdoms in Sierra Leone: Kissi Kama, Kissi Teng, and Kissi Tongui, bear historical significance with the forebears of the Kissi in Guinea.
The Kissi has historical aspect of naming chiefdoms with regards to the founding fathers that once inhabited communities.

For instance in Guinea, and long the Makona River, the Kissi in that country place historical origins, and especially the warriors who helped to carve their communities.

In Guinea, although they can be considered Kissi, yet they have Kissi Millimo (Millimoah - plural), Kissi Sanduah (plural), and (Sandono - singular), and Kissi Tongiah (plural), and Tonguinor – singular) etc….

In Sierra Leone, the same representation survived and therefore – Kissi Teng, means Kissi in the middle, Kissi Kama- means the Kissi elephant, and Kissi Tongui meaning Kissi of the Tongiah, or the Tongui people. The Kissi Tongiah includes - Kissi, Mende, and Mandingo, and a mixture of other tribes called – Komendiah, or Kissi Tongiah.

Interestingly, Kissi Kamawah – means the Kissi elephants, and Kissi Tendah – means Kissi people in the middle, and Kissi Tongiah – means Kissi Kormendia, or Kissi Tongiah as indicated in the piece.

Please note – Kissi Teng is where you have Koindu, but the headquarters is in Kangana where the paramount chief lives.
Kissi Kama is in Dia, and a paramount chief lives there too.

Kissi Tongui in Buedu, where there is a paramount chief too.

The meaning of Kissi Bendu then is – the BIG KISSI, putting the three Kissi chiefdoms together.

The word Kissi Bendu was carved in the 1970s by the late Hon, Tamba E. Juana who represented the Kissi area for many years under the APC regime.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with such concerns in the future…
Michael Fayia Kallon
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