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Albert 12-2-2010 11:20 AM
Hi Michael,
I just read your story on the New York Times and was really delighted about your educational success and writing habits, but also frightful on your current condition and wish you a quick recovery. Meanwhile I will appreciate if you can contact the Times to correct dates and event as published in today's edition. For example "a survivor of rebel raids in Liberia in 1986". The war actually started in 1990, not 1986 as stated by the Times.
Wish you the best,
Michael F. Kallon       12-6-2010 12:27 PM

I was in Nimba County for over ten years, and it was there that the actual Liberian carnage started after the Thomas Quiwonkpa's failed coup against Samuel Doe. Nimba County was at war from that incident. The Krahn soldiers came to Yekepa/Nimba and looked for their enemies the Gio and Mano tribes. Infact, Charles Julue's nephew - Sam Adjei (also a student of mine at Area -B School in Yekepa) was shot and killed by the Mano and Gio rebels of which the incident became known as the Nimba Raid in 1985. When Quiwonkpa's coup failed at the end of 1985, Charles Julue who was then the Superintendent of the Plant Protection Force (PPF) in Lamco Yekepa, went to the city of Ganta in Nimba County, and arrested D. K Wonsehleah, Tamba Fallah, and Eugine Kedor and others, and brought all of them to the Plant Protection Force’s ground in Yekepa Nimba and shot all of them to death. Please note that Charles Julue is a Krahn man. D. K. Wonsehlead (a Gio man).

Albert, it was the incident that changed Liberia for ever. The Mano and Gio young men and young women started rushing to attend the rebel or guerrilla training that was now taking place in Ivory Coast, or on the Ivorian - Liberian border. The Mano and Gio rebels started infiltrating Nimba County clandestinely and killing any Krahn man or woman they could find. It went on from 1986, until the Christmas of 1989 that all hell broke loose - when Charles Taylor invaded Liberia from the Buthuo end in Nimba County, from the Ivory Coast, and Liberia went to dust.

Albert, I am a writer, and I have over 300 pages on the war in Liberia which has not been published. Incase you may need any help in trying to comprehend more, please feel free to ask, criticize etc.. since we as human beings can only learn through such human interactions.
Thank you so much for showing concern.
Michael Fayia Kallon

Albert 12-6-2010 3:36 PM

Thank you for the detail information - information I didn't have about the Liberian civil war - again thank you.
Michael Fayia Kallon       12-6-2010 6:46 PM
Brother Albert,

you are always invited for further discussions and please send me your address to invite you when launching my books and book club, next year.

Michael Fayia Kallon
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